Commercial Drivers License Pre-Trip Inspection Training Manual
A no nonsense approach to passing the CDL pre-trip inspection on the first try   by Robert C. Robinson   
Permission to Reproduce

Permission Request Guidelines


For permission to use materials copyrighted by Robert C. Robinson and/or AMF offshore racing,

submit your requests in writing and provide the following information for the material

to be used:


1. Description:

 full paper, excerpt of a chapter, figure, table, etc. Include a

photocopy for figures or other artwork.


2. Source:

 publication title, date of publication, volume number, issue number,

page number(s), conference or proceedings title, URL, or other identifying



3. Please provide information as to where and how the material will be used:


a) For individual photocopies, where they will be distributed (such as

at a conference, to customers, company employees, etc.) and the

quantity to be distributed.


b) For materials that will be reprinted (i.e., in a news print, book, journal,

magazine, etc.), title of the work in which the material will

appear, publisher's name, and expected date of publication.


c) For materials that will be distributed electronically (i.e., e-mail

newsletter), please provide the expected number of recipients.


d) For materials to be posted on an internal or external Web site, the

expected duration of the posting.


In your e-mail request, please include your postal address and telephone number so that a written response may be provided. Permissions are not granted over

the telephone. Note that requests for blanket permission to use materials are not

granted. Depending on the intended use, a fee may be assessed.


Requests may be sent via e-mail to the following e-mail address;


 Subject: permission to reproduce


  Miss Geico photographs are the sole property of AMF offshore racing. All other content is the intellectual property of Robert C. Robinson and is copyrighted.