Commercial Drivers License Pre-Trip Inspection Training Manual
A no nonsense approach to passing the CDL pre-trip inspection on the first try   by Robert C. Robinson   

When I decided to write a commercial drivers license pre-trip inspection training manual, I didn't ask myself how I could write the best CDL training manual ever—the question I asked myself was; what do the other manuals lack? What exactly do I not like about the CDL books that currently litter the shelves of bookstores? A short but specific list of dislikes form the very foundation upon which this manual was written.

Commercial Drivers License Pre-Trip Inspection Training Manual: A no nonsense approach to passing the CDL pre-trip inspection on the first try,  may very well be the first and only CDL training manual to use vivid full-color photos of every component instead of the black and white sketches or drawings that are typically used. It may also be the first manual ever that doesn't torment the reader with D.O.T. regulations or so called "safety tips". After all, if you have to be reminded to shut the engine off before checking a drive belt, then you probably shouldn't be driving a nail much less a truck. Just as the title says, the governing aim of this manual is to provide the trainee with "a no nonsense approach to passing the CDL pre-trip inspection on the first try"—a feat that many people, perhaps most, were unable to accomplish—until now. In addition to the color photos, the information in this manual is very specific. Not at all like the vague explanations that are given in most training manuals. This manual tells you exactly what to inspect—what to say, and how to describe the multitude of problems that can be found on a commercial vehicle. And again, unlike the other manuals, the information in here is logically and numerically organized; it flows in an order quite similar to how you would walk around the truck instead of bouncing aimlessly from the front of the truck to the back of the truck, in-the-truck, out-of-the-truck.


When I was finished, the manual that lies just a click or two away was what I believed to be the best resource yet for the one piece of the CDL puzzle that's most often taken for granted and usually the least prepared for. After browsing this site, go to tab above titled "Sneak Peak" or go to and "look inside" the book to see for yourself, then come back here to purchase it. 


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